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Author: MDS

  • Review Add on: 01/05/2021
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I got this to carry my 15 year old toy rat terrier. She used to be very active but is slowing down in her senior years so this was perfect to have when she stopped walking on our hike. She is about six pounds but has longer legs but she fit very well in the pack. The flat bottom is great since she could sit and support herself. When she was not in it, I wore it on my back and the extra pockets for water and cell phone, etc were great. When she got tired, I would switch it to my front since she prefers to keep her head out and watch where we are going. The carrier was comfortable both on back and front. However, we were hiking on well defined gravel paths. We started to head into a more "rustic" path but that did not work for me carrying her in front, as I could not see the path well enough for secure footing. If your pet is okay riding in back, I think it would be fine. FYI, I am a petite female (5'2") and small chested. If you are a larger chested female, it may not be comfortable to carry in front. Overall, I am very happy with the pack for the price (to be fair, I have only used it for this week of vacation).

Author: Dew Drop

  • Review Add on: 12/03/2021
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I used this in a different way than the manufacture intended. I have a large Greyhound that travels with me (home, work, play). I wanted a way to carry his essentials.

It was important the essentials bag have lots of mesh so I could wash his toys and the excess water could evaporate instead of becoming a soggy mess.

A tote bag would have worked but I find balancing a tote on my shoulder distracting when I’m trying to walk my dog and drink a coffee at the same time. I also dislike “jumble bags” and appreciate organization. This backpack has a nice structure to it so I’m not fighting the bag to get at the contents and I can just focus on being present with my dog as we walk.

When we get to the dog park I use the carabiner that came with his food bowls to snap the pack to the fence. Keeps the bag off algae covered tables and makes grabbing his stuff easy.

It’s been an amazing tool for organizing his training tools and it’s easy to throw on the floor in the backseat. Perfect size to fit under his dog hammock.

My only complaint is that although it is perfect for what I need I’m not confident it will last as long as I would like bc some of the materials are cheap.

Author: LashLover917

  • Review Add on: 22/02/2021
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Everywhere my 9lb dog and I go while wearing this I get asked where to buy one. And those with larger dogs are a little jealous, ha! I've only carried my dog towards the front and not on my back. Its extremely convenient for plane rides, walking through large airports and in stores. The side pockets make it easy to flash her ESA badge along with holding my car keys and cell phone in order to keep my hands free while shopping and eating on the go. When not traveling, I fold the mess top down between myself and the bag so she can keep her head out and I'm able to give her occasional treats. The bonus water bowl is also great for when we're out for a while and easy to clean. Even without using the adjustable belt around the waist I feel very secure carrying her with just the arm straps.

Author: BeckyL

  • Review Add on: 23/01/2021
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Took my adopted cat to the vet for his neuter appointment. She loved this carrier. I told her where I got it. This was the second time I used it. I said I got it on Amazon, due to not having a car and I could transport my cat in an emergency on my bike if need be, as cabs and rides are sometimes not available. Charlie likes it and just lays in the bottom and gets comfy and I take him where he needs to go. This works for a small to average size cat and a toy breed of dog of similar size or a puppy of same size. Any larger and they won't fit. Charlie is an average size tomcat and he just fits comfortably.

Author: poofier

  • Review Add on: 11/12/2020
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We used this to bring our cat on the plane when we moved across the country last month. I spent a lot of time researching all the various airline-approved backpack carrier options and ended up picking this one because it has side pockets, strong plastic mesh, and it comes in purple. Overall the carrier worked well - it fit easily under the airplane seat in front of us and the cat never managed to escape (she has clawed through mesh carriers before so I was worried about that).

My one big complaint is that since you have to lay the bag down lengthwise for it to fit under the seat, there really should be a bedding pad insert for the back like there is on the bottom. Airplane cabin floors are cold and hard and they vibrate so having some extra cushion there seems important.

Author: HappyHavanese

  • Review Add on: 21/11/2020
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This one works well. Has front chest straps to prevent from sliding or shifting off shoulders , some others didn't and with a shifting dog inside you need them. It's not big or bulky, lightweight but well made, and my 8 pound Havanese sits in it well with enough head room. It's smaller but my dog can curl up in the bottom if she wants to. I'm 5-2 so the carrier fits me well, others are to large or hit my lower spine uncomfortably. It's a little saggy in the front but stays up well enough when it's on with my dog inside. She can see out well which she likes.

Author: Pam Chestnutt

  • Review Add on: 04/10/2020
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I have two Pomeranian's and I take them with me everywhere. I have tried several different carriers for flight travel and then I saw this backpack. It has proven to be perfect for my needs. Both pups fit in the pack while on my back. While one has to fly under the seat in front of me this pack doubles as a "crate" and fits perfectly under the seat. It is not able to fit both pups comfortably as a crate but it is perfect to carry them from place to place on my back. My pups in the pack were cuteness overload and were photographed countless times on this particular trip.
If I had to critique anything it would be the hard plastic that hits the lower back. It would be nice if there was a way to soften that up and also keep the pack sturdy. Other than that... Perfect for me!

Author: linddag80

  • Review Add on: 04/09/2020
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I have a five-point six-pound Yokipoo (who thinks he's human)! He only cries when I leave the house. I don't like leaving him in the car in the summer or winter. So I have to leave him home. Which makes mine heartbreak, especially when I see another owner with their pet. I purchase another carrier that worked for a while went he was a puppy. Until one summer day, he got so hot. That he tried to jump out. Good thing I had him hooked. I did my research on pet backpacks and decided on this one. The best choice I could have ever made. By not being a Service or Emotional Support Animal. He's not allowed in stores. But with this product, it's like carrying a backpack. He doesn't break, he can lay down or sit, and with the hook on and lid open. He can even stand up with his head out and enjoy the view. The backpack is not heavy or too wide. The pockets on the side are just the right size for things he may need. It's just right. I LOVE IT. Alone with his car seat and this Pet Carrier Backpack. He knows that he's not just a pet, but a part of the family!

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