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Author: Dr. O

  • Review Add on: 12/08/2020
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I'm a 5'3" female, and this backpack is purrfect for my 2 year old 10 pound cat. I rescued a cat from a shelter, and she seemed to want to go outside all of the time (maybe she was an outdoor cat previously?) but we have coyotes around my house, so I did not want her to go outdoors. Therefore, I got this backpack so that I can safely take her outside with me, and it's cured her of wanting to go outside on her own now.

My 10 pound cat fits nicely, and she can stand up, turn, and look at the various windows while on our walks. I think cats 14-16 pounds would fit, but any other sized cats may be uncomfortable.

There are 2 straps - one on the waist and another on the chest area. The waist clasps around my waist, but I had to make the strap almost to the max and I'm a medium sized person (wear a size 7/8 pants). Again, if your waist is any bigger, I don't think the strap will go around your waist. The chest strap goes above my chest, and the two straps help me to carry the cat weight on my back.

Someone mentioned the base of the backpack digging into their butt. I didn't have that problem. The base is comfortable for me with no digging into me.

One little thing I don't like is that there's a strap inside the backpack that's supposed to clip onto the cat's harness. I don't use that strap, so it was making a clinking sound with every step I took. I just moved that strap on the outside of the zipper and zipped around it. I may cut it off if I decide that I don't need it at all.

I've been going on walks pretty much everyday for the past 2 months with my cat, and it's helped me physically and my cat mentally. With the COVID-19 lockdown, the daily walks help me to stay in shape and to explore the neighborhood with my cat. I like the fact that the backpack isn't obvious like the astronaut bubble one, so I can walk around without people staring at me. I often get little kids asking, "Is that a cat???" after I walk by them!
For the price I paid, it's totally worth it!

Author: M. Lay

  • Review Add on: 13/07/2020
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I love this pack and so does my dog. I have a 10 pound teddy bear dog. He is a mamas boy and he likes to go where I go. I put him in it when I mow the lawn. He jumps right into the bag. He would rather be on my back than left alone in the house. I started him young because I didn’t want him afraid of noises. I also have a recumbent bike and I put him in and he rides in front of me since my back is against my seat. This is a great accessory if you have small dog. I take him into stores too if I don’t plan an being in long. He doesn’t make any noise so no one notices he’s there until I pass them and they see him.

Author: Sabrena E.

  • Review Add on: 12/06/2020
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Just bought this for my kitten and I love it! She fits in it with plenty of room for her yet to grow. It allows her to have proper ventilation and keeps her from getting over heated. I love that it has the side pockets as I am able to put her leash and a bottle of water in the one pocket and a container of food in the other. I also really like that it came with the little collapsible bowl as I use that to give her water when we are out and about. I also like how the mesh seems to be a plastic type of material and so I feel it is more sturdy and hold up against her little claws and teeth. The two straps also really make it secure against my back and prevents her from getting thrown around any more than she already is. I look forward to using this for short bike rides as well as hikes and even just car rides to visit family members.

Author: CaringConsumer

  • Review Add on: 25/05/2020
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I recently travelled with my two year old pet cat (10 pounds) from USA to India in this. This is amazing for when you are running through the airport and have your pet in the bag.
I am giving it four stars as it was a bit small for my cat when the bag was lying. I only used this for carrying my cat at the airport. For actual flight, I changed bag to one that was a little bigger and my cat could turn in.
Though this bag has additional support around the chest, I would think having an additional one at the waist would help secure the pet more snuggly causing less movement when walking.

Author: R. Walkie

  • Review Add on: 21/03/2020
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If your thinking about buying this it's a good idea to realize that your cat has no plans whatsoever in getting into it. I finally figured out a way where I put him flat on the floor with the pack in back of him. I then push his backend in while pulling the pack forward. Quickly pull the top over and all good. Bought it so my big cat can get some fresh air. Hes a big boy and probably too big for this carrier but it works all the same. First walk should be short since its new to them and they may be frightened, as I found out. I never give up so I did a couple of loadups, walk around the house and then unload. Couple days later he's fine with mile walks. Product is heavy duty enough and I cannot find any faults to relay to date. It also cleans up easy enough.

Author: Juan

  • Review Add on: 22/02/2020
  • Average Rating:

Wow i love it its exactly what I've been searching for it's not small enough not big enough it is perfect it stands alone and it's not too hard or bulky i can fit my two small real teacup Chihuahuas that way about 2 pounds and three pounds 6 punds all all together I love this it fits perfect enough in front of my feet in my car as passenger and it is very well-constructed looks like really good quality it's actually very comfortable and the support on it is amazing the straps gives it a lot of support overall the whole backpack weighs less than a pound I chose the all black one because I wanted that camouflage effect where it's not that noticeable or flamboyant so that it catches everybody's I I don't like my dogs being touched very much sore handled because I'm a germaphobe and this bag gives me that it's comfortable in my front and in my back overall it's a great investment so far yes I definitely would recommend this product. I think this might fit in between your feet if you were going to be in an airline I hope that answers any buddies questions but then again I'm very tiny myself so my favorite part is that the straps are very very adjustable and it comes with that hard pad so my dogs can sit on and it really gives them that stability i love that ill be able to wash it if any accidents were to happen. I love that it's completely collapsible and easy to hide and I can put it anywhere and I can say OK minute take the dogs to the park today to my husband soccer game or indoor soccer game and it's easy to be ready and go

Author: Ashes

  • Review Add on: 08/12/2019
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I work at a veterinary clinic not far from my home. Recently I adopted a little 4lb mutt that was surrendered by its previous owner to us, and I take her back and forth to work with me daily as I work a 8-10 hour day. I used to just carry her or use a sling type carrier, but when I bought an electric scooter to ride back and forth to work, I knew I needed something safer to carry her. This backpack is awesome! It’s lightweight, secure, and she has plenty of room to move around in it (although usually she just sits patiently). The side pockets are great for putting a little bag of treats in or other miscellaneous things, and it even came with a portable water bowl! The zip top has little snaps for extra security, and she can easily breathe through the mesh sides. It has a clip I can snap across my chest to make it sturdier also. It serves its purpose well and seems to be great quality, which is important as I use it 2-4x daily. It’s super convenient and when I grab it in the morning, my pup knows it’s time to hit the road!

Author: Kalei9

  • Review Add on: 28/11/2019
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This is my second dog backpack, it is replacing/retiring the first one I bought over 2 years ago. It is the perfect sized backpack for Budz Buddy, my 7 year-old Chihuahua Fox Terrier. It fits comfortably in the front and the back, though Budz and I both prefer it in the front. There's room for him to stand, sit, or lay down, and it is comfortable enough for Budz to hang out with dad all day long. Budz knows the word, "backpack" and when he hears it, he gets very excited and sits at the dresser near the door where his backpack is kept. The bag itself is very sturdy and well built. We have tried other backpacks, but they were either too small for Budz, or too big and cumbersome, and gets in the way, or, they just looked and felt cheap like they'd fall apart in a few weeks. My first PetAmi backpack is now showing signs of use...a stain here, a rip there, straps looking worn...but it has been used almost daily, often for several hours at a time, for almost 3 years now, and Budz deserves a new one for his birthday coming up this fourth of July. He's gonna love it!

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