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Author: Princess

  • Review Add on: 01/10/2019
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In general we are ok with this product. We got this for our ferret. We wanted to bring him along on our walks/maybe potential hikes. He fits in it quite comfortably. It IS a small bag, at least it was small in the sense, an adult size cat or even a fully grown, small dog- will find this backpack to fit a bit “snug”. It just isn’t a roomy bag for those of you who intend to keep your cats/dogs inside of it for a very EXTENDED period of time. the most massive issue I have is, the bag does cave in on itself (as others has stated). For me, I’ll just DIY It, so it doesn’t collapse. The only way it wouldn’t collapse is if you oftenly reach in and push the corners out, but it’ll just collapse again with movement. The bag on our back didn’t put strain on it, but that’s because it’s our 3lb ferret in the bag. We tried putting our 7lb cat inside, and it did put a smidge bit of strain on the back.

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