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Multicolored Sisal Pet Scratching PadMaterial:Material: MDF + sisal + clothSize:40*20*1cmItem weight:0.36kgcolor sent randomlythis is high quality , wholesale , hot sell cat pads.Mat provides a surface rug that deters cats from scratching your rugs and carpetsSisal provides sufficient resistance to really dig in for a satisfying scratch session; catnip toy entices cat..
Sisal Cat Scratcher Mat Pad Plush Pet Bed (Tropical Fish)Material:fur + SisalSize:43*32*1cmItem weight:0.19kgNatural sisal catnip scratch mat, and also a great pet bed.The reverse side is Wrapped in soft plush, touch smooth & comfort.This mat can be mounted on the wall or placed flat on the floor.Snap-in feather toy adds to the funCat likes to make his claws at home on your sofa chairs or carpeting roll out this scratch-nip catnip scratch mat and watch him make an immediate detour. the sisal scratching surface is prized by cats for its feel good texture and by cat owners for its good looks and effectiveness...
Cat Scratcher Wave Curved Corrugated Pet Toy BedMaterial: Corrugated paperSize (L x W x H): Approx 43*21.5*3.7cmItem weight:0.35kgSend catnip as giftit is high quality , discount , wholesale pet Cat Furniture & Scratchers. Saving your furniture from being scratchingLight weight with the honeycomb wave design, durable and brings more fun to your catThis item is with a lacing hole, can hang it in the wall or the door..
Cat Scratching Corrugated Board with CatnipMaterial: Corrugated paperItem weight:0.35kgSize:Length 43cm width and 21.5cm high 3.7cm (ground most highly 6.5cm)Wave Design, animal print bench designed cat scratcher,corrugated scratching surface,helps protect furniture from claw damage,catnip included.The scratching post size is generous enough for most cats to both stand and rest on it and the wave design creates a comfortable supportive surface for their body.Scratching is a natural and necessary practice for your cat and this scratcher is a great tool to encourage them not to use your furniture...
Cat Scratching Mat Sisal Pad Lounger BedMaterial: fur + SisalSize:43*32*1cmItem weight:0.26kgFeatures:Sisal scratch mat with refillable catnip pocket, catnip feather toy.Soft and comfortable mat design can be mounted on the wall or placed flat on the floor.Soft plush on one side and rugged sisal on the other side.Ball attachment and mouse tail design can better attract your cats interest.Cat exercise toy keeps pets active, healthy & happy...
Vevlet Pet Scratching Pad Cat ToyMaterial: velvet + Density boardSize:Bottom diameter 17cm, height 28cmItem weight:0.26kgColor: this scratching post will be random shipmentProduct Description1. Encourage positive feline scratching behaviors with this scratcher, the post is designed to withstand your cat's nails and encourage positive scratching behavior.2. The toys improve cats' mental development, make the cat more lively.3. Interact with the cat, and the cat will be more interested in toys, to cultivate affection between owners and cats.4. Toys can avoid disruptive behavior from pets, to protect the your shoes, socks, bed sheets, sofa etc, all furnishings will not be destroyed by pets!..
Cartoon Fish Shape Cat Bed Scratching PadMaterial:fur and sisal Size:43cm *31cm Item weight:0.17kgthis is high quality pet mats, fashion cat supplies.Features:    Soft and comfortable mat design can be mounted on the wall or placed flat on the floor.   Best place for your feline friends to scratch, nap, and play.    The multiple scratching surfaces will keep your cat satisfied and your furniture flawless!..
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