Personality Rivets Dog Studded Collars Black



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Personality Rivets Dog Studded Collars Black

Size: (2-3mm measurement inaccuracy)
L * W: 61*5.0 cm(24.4*2 inch)
Adjust size: 48-56 cm(19.2-22.4 inch)

ADJUSTABLE : Adjusts from 21" to 24" with 5 settings, the center hole measures 22.5"
BOLD : 5 rows of shiny silver dome studs and 3 fun colors to show off your pet's personality
TOUGH & DURABLE : Made from PU leather (manmade, not from animals) that is 2" wide and 1/4" thick, very easy to clean, and doesn't transfer it's color to light colored fur
BIG : Wide, heavy-duty dog collar for large breeds, made with high quality materials that stand up to bigger dogs ranging from Labradors and Retrievers to Great Danes and Mastiffs

1.) Chest: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest.

2.) Back length: Measure length of pet's back from the base of neck to the base of the tail.

3.)Neck: Measure the circumference of pet's neck for a snug fit as you would with a collar.

The most important is the chest size, so if the chest size is ok the other will not be big matter.

For the best fit, match the below dimensions to your pet's measurements as closely as possible. If your pet falls somewhere between two sizes, we advise ordering the larger of the two.