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Pet Automatic Retractable Leashes Pet Traction Rope

Dog Automatic Retractable Leashes Pet Traction Rope
Material:The handle part of eco-friendly materials TPE.PP
Retractable Leashes Nylon + Cotton Lun nickel hook

Size:Total length of 4 m tensile ,load 20 kg

sports organizations to adopt internal nylon, tough solid, oily low noise, can withstand strong inertia moment out of time

The end of the buckle dog collar buckle required for use.
Grasp the hand grips the dog is so gentle with the direction of the dog rope moving release, the dog then you can enjoy the best of freedom of movement
by pressing the locking release button, you can stop dog run free, let your activities in the range of
pulled back to the dog.
Step One: Press release back stop button, the arm to swing before the dog's direction, the rope can be automatic rewind
Step two: put the stop button is pressed with the thumb, the dog pulled back toward you third step: Repeat the first two steps, your dog will return to your side of the (3 m and 5 m are flat rope, 4 meters of round rope, round rope is relatively thin rope, but as a very strong, parents can rest assured that use)

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